About Us

About Us

From the beginning, Portocred has sought to meet the financial and be a more convenient and flexible option than traditional banks and other creditors.

To help you more and more today, we have 24 own stores, more than 2,200 points of operation and more than 200 partner companies. In addition, we also have the Private Payroll Loan as a contact point.

To guarantee your peace of mind when hiring a loan, our service is personalized, fast and without bureaucracy. We believe that the path to a full financial life is available to everyone. When you want, come and see. We know that we cannot change the world alone, but we can start by changing the reality of loans. Fair is when everyone wins. Using account connection technology, we were able to find the loan that best suited your profile. Thus, we show that it is possible to exchange expensive debts for lower and fairer rates for your pocket.

The amount that was lent to me was what was missing from the purchase. What I liked most was the agility, it was very fast, because the next day, it was already in my account.